IC7 Workshops

The Invincibility Code

Many years of experience and research have led me to one conclusion . . . if you want your life to be different you must be willing to do something different! You must be willing to put in the work to bring about the manifestations you desire to experience in your life. The intentional work required to ensure that you live up to your highest potential and greatest good is devotional inner work and conscious outer work. Only with this level of intentional work will you be able to grow beyond the blockages and hindrances that may be present in your mental or emotional being. The Invincibility Factor workshops are designed to support you in doing your inner work in a loving manner and the outer work in a supportive environment because we believe that you are worthy of freedom, health, wealth and opulence!

For this reason, every IC7 workshop is done in-person, hands on, allowing a full body experience that impacts the mind, body and spirit of every participant. I firmly believe that when one individual makes the choice to heal and grow, everyone connected to them also receives that healing energy. Imagine yourself in a space, with other willing spiritual beings, surrounded by loving individuals, doing the inner and outer work required to make your dreams a reality.

I personally invite you to join us!

Blessings and Much Love!

Dr. M