The Processed Woman

"Processed" is defined as a series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result; a systematic series of actions directed to an expected end.  

The Processed Woman was birthed out of Dr. Mullins' desire to teach women about their hidden power and how to tap into that power. She further empowers women by and telling them what it takes to follow their own unique paths in her book, The Processed Woman: Your Purpose is on the Other Side. 

If you've ever questioned your purpose in life, this is the book for you. In it you will find the tools to overcome your fears, gain confidence, discover your true purpose, and fulfill your destiny. See what KIRKUS, the most trusted voice in book discovery had to say about this powerful book! 


Mullins provides a ministerial approach to overcoming obstacles and fulfilling purpose. 

Among other roles, Mullins is a pastor, CEO, holistic life coach and mother. She brings her experiences from each to this concise motivational book on subjects such as addressing fears, channeling emotions toward productivity, finding strength and confidence, and determining purpose. "Every challenge we face in life leads to our soul's evolution and will ultimately push us toward our God-given purpose," she writes, outlining the core thesis of her book and the source of its title. The "processed woman" is one who addresses those challenges while maintaining a moral foundation. Challenges discussed in the book include those surrounding the distinction between pleasure and bliss and the development of the ability to forgive. Mullins uses biblical passages to support her message-which is one of persistent encouragement-and she takes a creative approach to her diction. For instance, fear is broken down into "false evidence appearing real," and "emotions" are "e-motion", or "energy in motion." She also includes several lists of maxims and practical reminders ("accept responsibility," "you deserve the best," "negative thoughts can cause physical damage," "you may be an outcast, but you are never forgotten," etc.) that are easily digestible and inspiring, if a bit vague. Mullins' often general advice is applicable to a range of situations and wouldn't be out of place on a page-a-day calendar. Her guidance may be most accessible, however, when it is concrete, as when she discusses specific dating scenarios or describes biblical stories and relates them to modern situations. Likewise, the use of imagery and metaphor lends itself to intriguing notions: "Only God can take a broken heart and perform a surgery so precise it does not leave a scar." 

An aphorism-filled book with an empowering message.