The Power of Feminine Energy

What comes to your mind when you think of feminine energy? Is it the Indian Goddesses? The Madona? Or maybe Mother Teresa? Those legendary figures might have a lot of feminine energy built up, but it’s important to understand that feminine energy has zero link to gender.

Yes, you heard it right. The human being embodies feminine and masculine energy, both, intertwined irrevocably to allow us to live a balanced, harmonious life.

Your masculine energy gets expressed when you’re working towards a goal. It gets you going and makes you active, assertive, and motivated. The feminine energy is contrasting – it condenses into a force of attraction. You’re probably expressing this energy when you’re in a social setting. It is intuition, compassion, and collaboration. It attunes to our internal processes.

Having an understanding of both energies helps you make conscious choices in life, such as which energy you’d like to lead with, and when. In essence, however, the power of feminine energy can influence the output of masculine, because it is innately powerful.

Think of it just like a female baby who’s born with all the eggs she’ll need to reproduce throughout her life.

As Maybelline’s tagline says, “Maybe she’s born with it.” Because yes, we’re all born with a feminine

Unfortunately, We’ve Lost Our Touch To Feminine Energy

Think of these two energies like yin and yang. One cannot exist without another. Historically, men are perceived with greater yang power or masculine energy, while little value is given to feminine power. This disturbs the balance with which they need to function optimally. In our culture and the society that we live in, moving forward, and being assertive, goal-oriented, and progressive are traits that are highly regarded.

Ironically, however, the masculine energy associated with these characteristics is ideally incomplete without the feminine power to hone it. As a result, when we overvalue masculine energy, we spend most of our time invested in work and progress, leaving little time to rest, socialize, or even spend time with ourselves.

And that’s where we ultimately lose touch with our inherent feminine energy. No matter what gender, the feminine side of us needs to be equally expressed. She’s soft, creative, and contemplative, and she needs the time or space to.

By being dependent on man-made things that boost our masculine power, such as the laptop, smartphones, or workplace, our spiritual being is left craving for rejuvenation. And when we tend to disrupt the balance of both energies and become overly masculine, we end up longing for something wild, resourceful, and spontaneous.

Something feminine…

Here’s How To Cultivate Your Feminine Side

If you think feminine energy is weak and fragile, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is the inward, mysterious, and receptive, often nurturing in nature. Some proven ways to cultivate your feminine side, no matter what your gender, are listed below.

1. Embrace your emotions
In a world defined by logic, emotions are often thrown on the backburner of our lives. Being “emotional” has been tabooed for centuries, often viewed sardonically as a trait characteristic to “women” who are incompetent at dealing with things in life. In result, men run away from emotions, and are rarely taught how to understand their feelings. What we weren’t told before is that embracing emotions, and ultimately our feminine side, helps us become emotionally intelligent. We begin to be understandable, vulnerable, and resilient. Contrary to the belief that emotions promote weakness, mastering this skill allows us to become a mentally strong person who can deal with people from all walks of life.

2. Connect with your intuition
The feminine energy is rooted in intuition, precisely why women are said to be gifted with an inherent “sixth sense.” But while that is not a gender-related attribute, honing your intuition is about reflecting more into yourself, your life, and people around you. When you’re an observer and listener instead of the do-er, all the time, you connect internally with who you are as opposed to who you ‘want’ to be or are ‘trying’ to be. Trust your gut, and your instincts, more strongly than you did before. You may not have any tangible evidence, but let your intuition guide you to do what’s right and best. You may not be proven correct all the time, but with time and practice, you’ll connect with your intuition firmly, thus augmenting your feminine power.

3. Be creative, spontaneous, and playful…
And immerse yourself in the nature around you. Go for a walk in the park, sit under a tree and paint. Express your creative side with the natural elements to boost your concentration. The feminine is a creative force, and of course, is historically linked to females because they create new lives and new beings. Creation can occur in many ways. Express your creative side and let yourself flow. Be spontaneous, prioritize downtime, listen to music, do yoga, and relax. We’re all too over-masculinized (over-worked), and we need to play it down to the feminine – relaxing – state more.

Feminine Energy Impacts Your Life, Relationship, and Health

People don’t commonly talk about it, but feminine power is essential to growth on this planet. It is an all-encompassing energy that gets expressed as source of fertility, intuition, and creativity; all things necessitating our survival.

Females generally have higher probability of cultivating feminine power than males, given their anatomy of childbirth and inherent traits. That is precisely why many empowered women have changed lives, and revolutionized the way we live in this world.

Defined by the persona of nurturing, compassion, and healing, the first nurse in history – Florence Nightingale – is the legacy behind modern-day nursing. She looked after the wounds of the soldiers in Crimean War and opened the first science-based nursing school in London.

In conclusion, embrace the potent force of feminine energy by first acknowledging it within yourself. Cultivate balance in your life by connecting with like-minded women (and men) who share your values. When faced with life’s challenges or tough decisions, find solace in moments of quiet reflection to clear your mind, ensuring that your choices are made from a place of clarity rather than stress or uncertainty about the outcomes.

Coming to terms with your feminine energy, and expressing it at will, enables you to establish authentic connections, communicate openly without defensive motives, and foster trust in your judgment. When conflicts arise, you prioritize active listening over immediate argumentation, thus maintaining a civil discourse and considering others’ perspectives, even in emotionally charged situations.

That’s a personality trait that even the hardest working leaders cannot achieve with all the masculine force reserved in them.

Cheers to being feminine!