The Power of Influencers, Intuition and Spirit Guides

The Power of Influencers

Who is someone that has made an influential difference in your life, empowered you to be who you are today?

Was it your mother, father, a friend, a co-worker, or your spouse? Or perhaps it is a Spiritual Leader? As we go through the ups and downs of life, we come across hundreds and thousands of people. Some of them leave an indelible mark in our minds – but not necessarily in a positive way. That mark can also come with offensive or unpleasant memories, while it can also correspond to motivating and likeable ones.

In the ever-changing landscape of media consumption, the role of influencers has evolved, transcending mere fashion and lifestyle recommendations to becoming powerful catalysts for societal change and empowerment.

This shift is particularly evident among the younger generation, known as the Alpha generation, who turn to influencers not just for fashion tips or travel advice but as life influences guiding them towards a more compassionate and humane way of living. But is that right? Being influenced by ordinary humans who’ve had a little more exposure than you did to be guiding you in life?

My Journey with my Influencer, Intuition, and Spirit Guides

I have not lived an easy life; that’s something you must have known by now. Multiple hardships, business losses, divorce, failures, and loss of friends and family punctuate my life’s story – yet today, I am grateful for every memory that has shaped me for the way I am.

I started my life all over again about six years ago. It wasn’t something I had ever thought about growing up. I didn’t fantasize about raising kids or working as a single mother. I was never a babysitter. Heck, I didn’t really like other kids when I was a kid—let alone as an adult.

So, I knew nothing when it came to how to take care of a baby and corporate struggle. That’s not an exaggeration.


But I did know how to do research. And thanks to my experiences and early years of upbringing, I grew to have an unwavering faith in my intuition, in myself, and in my spiritual guides.

Which is what brings me to the gist of this article; the revelation of the influencer in my life.

I was influenced, heavily, by my higher self.
Weird to believe, I assume? Not really. Your higher self and spirit guides are like your life helpers, but each has a different gig. I know I am not the only one who has experienced that moment when “something” told you to do this or that. And when you did, you were in a much better position in life than you previously were. It’s happened to me so many times!

So, let’s take a moment to break it down.
Your higher self is basically the real you, your soul. Imagine it as the boss playing a video game – you’re the character, and the higher self is the one behind the scenes calling the shots, eating pizza, and guiding you through life.

Then there are your spirit guides. Your higher self-picked these guys to help you out. They’re like cosmic managers, keeping you on track in this maze called life. They’re here to follow orders from the boss (your higher self) and make sure you learn, grow, and find joy along the way.

Think of it this way: your higher self is the CEO, the big boss with the grand plan. The spirit guides? They’re the managers, implementing the strategies your higher self comes up with.

So, when I needed advice, answers, and simple comfort, I would turn to my higher self to soothe me, motivate me for a better tomorrow, and just pump up my sixth sense to take decisions that initially felt troubling, but proved to be profitable in the long run.
If you want to know what’s up ahead in your life – like which way to go at a crossroads or whether to take that suspicious employee up on your deck – talk to your spirit guides. They’re the experts in navigating the paths.
On the flip side, when you crave a deeper connection, love, empowerment, or simply want a reminder of your life’s purpose, your higher self is your reliable source of strength.

Your higher self is like the inner cheerleader, ready to shower you with encouragement, love, and a profound sense of purpose. While your higher self can certainly assist in decision-making, it’s your spirit guides who excel in the nitty-gritty of choosing between options and steering you in the right direction.

So, here’s the golden rule: reserve those heart-to-heart sessions for your higher self, soaking in the reassurance and wisdom it offers. However, when the need for practical advice arises, whether it’s about career choices, relationships, or life’s puzzling dilemmas, that’s the cue to reach out to your spirit guides. They are the decision-making champions, armed with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of your journey.

In essence, maintaining a balance between connecting with your higher self for inner strength and seeking guidance from your spirit guides for practical decisions creates a harmonious synergy. This tandem approach ensures that you’re not only anchored in your true essence but also equipped with the practical wisdom needed to navigate the twists and turns of your life’s journey. So, embrace the dual support system – a celestial tag team that empowers you to stride confidently through the tapestry of life.

Personally, I’m vibing with my higher self more than ever before. Life’s cruising smoothly, and my guides are chilling on a smoke break.

I’d say connect with both your higher self and your guides, just know where to turn for what you need.

Easy, right?

Time to Identify Your Influencer

I credit my intuition and my truth for having influenced me the most in my life. They helped me through thick and thin, and the more learned about who and what I really am, I cannot recall looking up to anyone else for guidance.

But here’s an easy exercise for you to identify who are the influencers in your life.

A valuable practice for self-reflection and growth is to take a moment to regroup. Consider compiling a list of individuals who have positively impacted your life, noting the actions or words that earned them a place on this roster. Simultaneously, acknowledge those who left a less favorable impression, detailing the actions or words that placed them on the contrasting list.

Upon reviewing these two inventories, a remarkable revelation should emerge – every individual, regardless of their impact, who contributed to your growth, learning, and expansion.

The positive and seemingly negative experiences alike have shaped who you are today, influencing how you interact with others. It’s crucial to cherish the positive influences, drawing strength from the actions and words that propelled your development.

Equally vital is the recognition that you possess the power to consciously choose not to emulate those whose interactions do not align with your values.

Recognizing this alternative empowers you to navigate your journey, fostering positive connections and leaving a lasting impact on those you encounter daily.

Put in the work to identify your influencers today.